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HitBTC Review

Tier 5 users with a 30-days trading volume ranging between 1,000 BTC and 5,000 BTC can expect to pay a maker fee of 0.03% and a taker fee of 0.06%. Lastly, tier 10 users with a monthly volume exceeding 100,000 BTC must pay a 0.01% maker fee and a 0.02% taker fee. Some of the exchange’s main selling points include smooth order execution, limitless liquidity, but also a simple, yet powerful trading terminal. Featuring over 800 trading pairs and more than 500 spot instruments, it’s no surprise that thousands of users worldwide leverage HitBTC’s trading services. In this in-depth HitBTC Review we will dig into the exchange operations, platform, customer support, trading fees and security procedures. We will also give you some top tips to avoid being scammed.

HitBTC Review

Fast ever withdrawal, trading in milliseconds Where you go to sleep with your two eyes closed. Say goodbye to is paying systems and join CRECOVEfor your financial breakthrough. All i wanted was to make an exchange on their platform but ended up with held funds for months and agents who kept lying to me even after i let them know i had a sick child that needed it. I had to consult with fortechester to aid in wresting back my assets. Only way i escaped the sad loop this platform brought upon me. I haven’t used this exchange for a long time, and I am very glad that it hasn’t only not become worse, but has improved in some aspects.

Withdrawal fees

Not only do they hold two regulatory licenses, but the platform is simple to use, it allows you deposit funds using multiple fiat options, and you can even short coins. For the beginners, HitBTC exchange offers an opportunity to try and trade cryptocurrencies on its demo platform first. You can register and access the demo platform by clicking the demo option at the bottom of the screen or by simply typing demo.hitbtc.com into your browser. In 2017 and 2018, many users have complained of slow HitBTC support response times, and some users also experienced issues with fund withdrawals.

The problem is not the fee itself, if you don’t like, just leave. However, it does have some transparency issues, which put red flags on this exchange. Therefore, it depends on you and your risk tolerance level – Whether to trade on it with completing the KYC and regulating extra securities or not? Just remember the golden rule – never trade more money than you can afford to lose, and go with your gut feelings. After email verification in the signup process, users can increase the limit by completing the verification process.

HITbtc stole my gf coins with their…

Some of the plus points of HitBTC are it has 450+ digital assets with more than 960+ trading pairs. Secondly, it uses a maker-taker model for calculating trading fees and also considers trading volume and HIT holdings while calculating your trading fees. The more trading volume, the more https://www.tokenexus.com/how-to-send-bitcoin/ discounted trading price. The more HIT tokens you hold or use in pair trading, the more discounted the trading price. The HitBTC exchange has a support webpage where users can find details regarding crypto fundamentals, trading, deposits/ withdrawals,  fees, and levels, Hit Token, etc.

  • First, navigate to the verification requirements so they are in full view.
  • Toju Ometoruwa is a Northeastern University alumni who is the co-founder of Pazima, a start-up that provides secure lending options for low-income workers.
  • A long list of coins will show up on your window, using which you can make deposits.
  • While having more options is a good thing, you might also encounter some issues when choosing a cryptocurrency trading platform for your needs.
  • However, the company has a negative cloud around it in terms of its online reputation.
  • This is ideal if you know the price at which you are willing to trade.

The security section in the “Setting” menu also allows users to check all the logins of their accounts. They should look for the IP address or location they don’t recognize. Just in case there’s an IP address that the user doesn’t recognize, they terminate all the sessions with one click. They also have options that let them automatically log out of all the sessions at a regular period.

HitBTC Fees

The only fiat currency option available is a bank wire. HitBTC lists over 300 different cryptocurrencies, which equates to over 800 different trading pairs. At the top of the page, click on the green ‘Deposit’ button.

  • I am having account from them from 2018 but I won’t resolve any of issues.
  • This is due to the fact that almost every other cryptocurrency exchange uses a one-account system.
  • It has been hacked in 2021 where it lost nearly $1 million.
  • The platform lists hundreds of supported coins, and its fees are highly competitive.

Many cryptocurrencies that aren’t available on other popular exchanges can be found on HitBTC. For many traders, this is a good thing as it means greater liquidity for cryptocurrencies across the board. OTC trading allows users to perform high-volume trades without going through the public order books. It means that you make your deal directly with the counterparty without affecting the market price of the coin or token. While verification is not mandatory on HitBTC, unverified accounts do have certain withdrawal limits in a day.

If you have funds here, you can not immediately trade them. You’ll have to first transfer them to the ‘trading account’, which is designed specifically for trading and not for storing funds. You cannot withdraw or deposit ICO coins before the company issues the real tokens. Once they are issued, the IOU’s are converted to real tokens that can be withdrawn or deposited. The key reason for this is that we cannot ensure your funds are in safe hands. Firstly, the platform is not in any way regulated, which is a major concern considering they’ve been around since 2013.