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40 QA Quality Assurance Interview Questions and Answers

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Here are 15 Selenium interview questions to practice to help you prepare for your technical interview. The tools a tester uses to do their job will vary according to the kind of project they’re working on. But some tools you can mention in your answer are Firebug, OpenSGTA, Web developer toolbar for Firefox, Selenium, WinSCP, and YSlow for Firebug. Online courses can be a great way to gain more knowledge and skills in quality assurance, including finding the root cause of a software problem and building quality software. As with behavioral questions, which focus on the past, you can use the STAR method to walk interviewers through your proposed strategies. Bug release is when software or an application is handed over to the testing team knowing that the defect is present in a release.

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Use cases are another central element of the QA process, so it’s good to have a solid answer ready for this question. A use case refers to a document that outlines an action the user takes and how the system responds. It’s used to examine how a specific element of application functions. A quality audit refers to the systematic evaluation of the quality control system’s effectiveness. You can think of a quality audit as a test of how well quality is maintained throughout the development process.

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You’ll use the STAR method (Situation, Tasks, Actions, Results) to answer behavioral questions with detailed, compelling stories about your past successes. The rule of a Test Driven Development is to prepare test cases before writing the actual code. Which means you are actually be writing code for the tests before you write code for the application. Retesting is carried out to check the defects fixes, while regression testing is performed to check whether the defect fix have any impact on other functionality.

qa job interview questions

The test strategy is a high-level plan that sets the definition of the overall testing approach for the whole project. It usually includes the scope, schedule, and vital resources for test planning and testing priorities. While the specific steps might not be an exact match, look for the interviewee to understand the basic concepts of the life cycle and how each step is supposed to work. However, the best-case scenario involves leaving the bulk of the testing to experience testers. Of course, constructive input from developers can make the process easier. It is crucial for the interviewee to understand this very important distinction.

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Interviewers ask this question to learn how you evaluate projects, raise questions, conduct more research into a project, and communicate your misgivings to coworkers or managers. Interviewers ask this question to get a feel for your work ethic. They want to know how qa engineer questions you approach QA challenges, such as tight deadlines or fixing bugs during the testing process, and the actions you take to succeed. Behavioral questions are an opportunity to explore your professional background and describe how you’ve handled workplace situations.